Standardization construction and evaluation of the ability and level of Chinese traditional Chinese medicine market

Fourth Chinese medicine after the listing and the evaluation of the high level of drug alert seminar successfully concluded


June 6th, June 7th, by the World Federation of Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine listed on the Chinese medicine listed after the evaluation of the fourth Chinese medicine and drug alert senior seminar held in Beijing International Conference center. World Association of Chinese Medicine Association vice chairman and Secretary General Li Zhenji, World Federation of Chinese medicine after the listing of the re evaluation of leadership of the professional committee of President Wei Liang Weng, vice president Zhang Weijia and Secretary long Xie, National Administration of traditional Chinese medicine, the director of the Department Sang Binsheng etc. attended the meeting. The seminar was organized by Beijing bionovo medicine development company limited.

Will set up a Chinese Medicine Societies of the World Federation of postmarketing Chinese medicine evaluation standard professional committee of examination and Approval Committee, to attend the WFCMS and the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine related to the leadership of the inaugural meeting and made important speech, meeting and through the "listed Chinese medicine safety hospital centralized monitoring technology standard", the traditional Chinese medicine after the listing of pharmacoeconomic evaluation of technical specifications ", the medicine listed security hospital centralized monitoring report specification". Chinese Medicine Society of the world, the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine, and then evaluation of the secretary general, the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine, Xie Yanming, deputy director of the Institute of clinical basic medicine, the development of the relevant laws and regulations of the relevant regulations of China's pharmaceutical market. Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese Medicine Clinical Basic Medicine Research Institute to report to the general assembly of the overall monitoring of six Chinese medicine injections. Chinese Medicine Societies of the World Federation of Chinese medicine after the listing of the re evaluation of professional committee deputy secretary general, Bonuo Wei chairman Wangxin in the first the first working meeting was elected as the standard of examination and Approval Committee.

Six traditional Chinese medicine injections varieties through knot review, play a re evaluation of key technology demonstration effect

The seminar on the listing of Shuxuetong injection, Shenmai injection, Erigeron breviscapus injection, Shenqi Fuzheng injection, Xiyanping injection, ginseng injection etc. six varieties of traditional Chinese medicine injections after clinical safety monitoring adverse reactions and adverse rate application materials were reviewed. This monitoring source in 2012 launched a major new drug discovery National Science and technology major special "Chinese medicine (a total of 10 varieties of Chinese medicine injection monitoring), is currently the largest Chinese medicine injection drug alert program, by the Chinese Academy of Engineering Wang Yongyan and Xie Yanming researcher as chief of the subject.

According to "Chinese medicine injection post marketing clinical safety monitoring project" the participation of experts, the project established the academic committee of experts, the data and safety monitoring committee, endpoint determination Committee, a number of domestic and foreign drug epidemiology, evidence-based medicine, invite statistics, pharmacology, toxicology, and clinical risk management experts repeated demonstration of the program, 10 monitoring varieties through ethical approval, and all registered in the American Clinicaltrials.gov website; held several international programs training and seminars, strictly enforce the three level monitoring mode, data quality monitoring and held expert assessment and ADR expert interpretation, the organization a lot of manpower data cleaning and verification.

Professor Weng Weiliang, President of the Chinese Medicine Society of traditional Chinese medicine, professor believes that in the implementation of the project, the law and regulations of the national drug market, which has a very high academic value, is a good practice to promote the development of Chinese drug epidemiology.

Xie Yanming Secretary General believes that many scientific and technological achievements, including the clinical safety monitoring of Chinese medicine injection, including the formation of technical specifications, in the future, we need to further improve the Chinese medicine market and then evaluate the technical specifications of the development system, and thus establish a standard system of Chinese medicine and then evaluate the standard system and evaluation model, establish and improve the characteristics of the Chinese medicine market and then re evaluation system.

The experts hope that the Chinese herbal medicine market and re evaluation should adhere to the service of clinical, adhere to the industry development, especially to focus on highlighting the characteristics of Chinese medicine, in accordance with the laws of the development of traditional Chinese medicine, the latest research results and the introduction of modern science and technology, and actively absorb many disciplines and excellent team to promote and enhance the ability and level of Chinese herbal medicine market.

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