2015 the first HIS System Research & re-evaluation of the meeting was successful



On the afternoon of July 10, 2015 first his system research & listed after the re-evaluation of senior seminar on schedule in Beijing held the meeting by Beijing bionovo Medicine Development Co., Ltd. contractors and strategic partnership of cooperation Haichuan Bonuo Wei Association, Bonuo Wei, deputy general manager of Lv Xiatong, Mao Zhi Bing, Haichuan will president Wang attended the meeting. Conference special Chinese Medicine Societies of the World Federation of postmarketing Chinese medicine to the professional committee of the secretary general, China Academy of traditional Chinese medicine clinical and basic medical research standing deputy director Xie researcher speaker evaluation.




First of all, the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese Medicine Clinical Basic Medical Research Institute Yang Wei made a speech based on the HIS system's real world data analysis path. Then Xie researcher to "a proprietary Chinese medicine tablet of his application analysis report, for example, in simple terms explained the important meaning of the evaluation of enterprise market development and listed with his research. His research through direct sum up the experience in clinical practice can not only to prompt forward looking research direction and focus, and enterprise product marketing and promotion provides powerful tools to support and guidance. Subsequently, Xie teacher and representatives of the participating companies to interact, the participants are generally concerned about the issue of the issue to do a live Q & a key. Thank a teacher approachable way of communication, vivid and humorous presentation style, practical experience and advanced technology, make representatives of the participating companies benefit bandit is shallow, atmosphere is very active.




From the country nearly 20 large and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies more than 30 senior professionals and management personnel to participate in this meeting, we closely around the HIS data research, and then evaluation of the medical and economic evaluation, large variety and other industries to develop hot issues. The representatives of the meeting with a clear problem, with satisfactory answer to the. Representatives at the meeting to fully appreciate the Bonuo Wei in the research and development of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine after the listing of the re evaluation of the field strength and unique advantage of expert resources, government resources, have expressed the intention to cooperate, and put forward with Bonuo Wei and China Academy of traditional Chinese Medicine clinical and basic medical research institute to establish long-term cooperation intention.

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