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Clinical inspector

Job number: BNW-CRO-BJ-CRA-OO1
Job location: Beijing
Recruitment: not limited
Job responsibilities:
1 perform clinical supervision according to GCP and SOP.
2 ensure that the tests are carried out strictly in accordance with the plan, GCP and related laws and regulations.
3 to help the research center to solve the problems that may occur during the test.
4 make sure that the data is in a timely, accurate and complete record in the case report form.
5 report to the project manager in a timely manner to the progress of the research center.
6 assist the researchers to complete data queries in time.
7 timely and complete collection of relevant information.
Job requirements:
1 college degree or above
2 has good flexibility, assistance and planning.
3 excellent communication skills
4 clear to their career development goals.
5 have patience, can bear hardships.
6 experience is preferred.
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