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Academic support

Job label: BNW-CRO-BJ-XS-OO1

Job location: Beijing

Recruitment: not limited

Job responsibilities:

1 responsible for the clinical trial program, study cases, CRF, informed consent, patient diary card, the research manual of the writing, audit and revision; participation in the program to develop the whole process, participate in the program seminar;

2 be responsible for summarizing the report writing, reviewing and revising; participating in the summary report and the summary report;

3 according to the project requirements, and the clinical medical experts to design the relevant communication and visit;

4 to be responsible for the designation of clinical academic promotion plan for the instrument;

5 to assist the clinical department to provide academic support

6 to assist other departments to review the foreign language, to provide literature and timely review of the literature;

7 assist technical director to complete other work and give full support to other departments of the company.


2 master degree or above in clinical medicine, medical examination and imaging, traditional Chinese medicine and other related work experience is preferred;

3 good English, good English translation skills, good writing skills;

4 have strong organizational planning, communication skills and ability to analyze and solve problems, thinking quickly;

5 strong communication and coordination skills, optimistic, cheerful, able to withstand the pressure;

6 have the ability of self study and strong initiative, strive to continue to innovate;

7 have good security awareness and professional ethics;

8 other work assigned by the company, can adapt to travel;,

9 proficiency in Office and other common office software operation; good at all kinds of media, such as the Internet and other media information.

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